Who are we?

Cool Jewish Stuff creates cool unique designs, all of them related to Judaism, printed on t-shirts, clocks, canvases, mugs, phone covers and other stuff.

We want to make people feel being Jewish is cool. Something they should be proud of. That whenever they are looking for something cool, fun or funny that is also Jewish, they will be able to find it in our shop.


Rivka Bonan

Rivka, designer

My name is Rivka Bonan, and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I have a B.Ed in Mathematics and Computer Science, but followed my passion for art and design and became a graphic designer. I started working as a freelance designer and opened an Etsy shop as a side income. After a few years I understood it’s much more fun to sell my own cool designs and I started working on my shop full time.

I like listening to music, reading books (especially sci-fi and fantasy), drawing and learning new stuff. I believe we can all make the world a better place if everyone will give a hand and want to make a change.